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The Technology

Technology Overview

G-volution has developed unique patented technology which can significantly reduce fuel costs and emissions on large diesel engines. 

G-volution technology focuses on three main areas:

  • Control: through the Optimiser, a device to control the delivery of one or more secondary fuels such as natural gas to co-combust with diesel by emulating the injection signal in the electronic engine control unit (ECU) fitted to the vehicle.  This now also enables one to three pulses of advanced injection to ensure greater combustion efficiency
  • Emissions:  GV is working with OEMs and a leading Tier 1 supplier to deliver dual fuel technology to Euro 6 standards
  • Injection:  GV continues to work with leading supplier of Natural Gas, and modelling technology, to deliver the most efficient but cost effective dual fuel combustion

The Company’s patented system enables the fuels to be delivered in constantly varying ratios dependent on operating conditions to optimise economic and emissions performance. 

The power output of the engine is unchanged and the operation is undetectable by the driver. 

There is no additional power or torque which could give rise to drive train damage. 

Crucially, this system of multi fuelling ensures that the ECU continues to operate as it was intended and on board diagnostic equipment is not affected.  

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