Why Gas & Why Now?

Why dual-fuel with natural gas? 

G-volution's Optimiser is a multi-fuel technology able to deliver dual-fuel engines 

such as diesel-CNG, diesel-CBG and diesel-LPG. However, our technology is not restricted to just gaseous fuels.

Here we present background information on why to dual-fuel with natural gas.





  • Fracking in USA and UK  as well as Shale gas in Canada and Russia has dramatically increased the sustainable supply capacity of natural gas worldwide

  • Peak Oil production: oil has a limited future in terms of supply and capacity 

  • Anaerobic digestion plants are coming on-stream worldwide and are able to generate bio-gas / bio-methane / CBG from organic waste





  • Gas predicted to remain 45% cheaper than oil

  • Most governments will maintain lower duties on gas

  • Shell guarantees their Liquefied Natural Gas will be 30% cheaper than diesel for lifetime of trucks in USA 



Governments and legislation:


  • Kyoto targets for renewables & CO2 reduction

  • Using gas could save 3m tonnes CO2 emission per year

  • Energy security of natural gas



EU & US Emission standards:


  • Euro VI in 2014: reduces all tailpipe emissions from the E5 standard

  • Euro VII in 2020: Will likely target a reduction in vehicle CO2 emissions

  • The USA encouraging lower emissions & fuel independence 

  • US 10 in 2014 targets emissions reduction 

  • New US regulations in 2020 may also target CO2 emissions



Dual-fuel regulations:


In the EU, USA and Australia potential bespoke emissions standards for dual-fuel vehicles which differ from diesel engine standards 



Expert predictions:


  • Experts predict that dual-fuel will be a significant in the transport sector to facilitate reductions in carbon emissions and operating costs.

  • Frost & Sullivan predict 10% of Heavy trucks in USA will be gas powered by 2017

  • Alcimed predict 100,000 dual-fuel units will be sold in EU in 2020 = 250,000 worldwide.