Tried and Tested in the UK

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The G-volution Optimiser has been installed on over 50 vehicles in the UK and has covered over 12 million kms of road use in varying commercial operations with a number of major UK Fleet Operators (click here for case studies). From initial trials of one or two vehicles further multiple repeat orders have been received.


John Dargie, Head of Distribution and Transport for Lafarge Aggregates & Concrete UK, said: 


“We estimate the dual-fuel system will offer an immediate saving of 10 per cent on carbon emissions as well as a similar level of reduction in fuel costs thanks to the introduction of an LPG tank."

“Clearly this makes sense from an economic and environmental perspective. Going forward over the next 10 to 20 years we will all need to look at alternative ways to fuel our fleet so this is a good start.”


John Maiden, Managing Director, Maidens of Telford said:


“We started working with this technology, because we reckoned that, with our operation, we could write off the £9500 conversion cost in about 21 months on some of the contracts, and then we’d be saving significant money. In fact, we now anticipate getting payback in 18 months.”

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