History & Awards

  • Company Formed and commenced R&D at Cranfield University on fuel mixing

  • DTI  grant (UK Govt) awarded to build 1st Optimiser

  • HAZOPS carried out by Ricardo

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  • Prototype Optimiser developed. Live testing with Commercial Operators

  • Sales begin of Optimiser 2 (pre turbo injection) for Bosch EDC7 and MAN vehicles

Optimiser 1

Optimiser 2



  • Shell Springboard award for innovation

  • G-volution formed as a brand 

 shell springboard




  • Fuel injection emulation patent granted

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  • Carbon Trust award – G-volution adopted into the Carbon Trust Fast Track Entrepreneurial Scheme
 carbon trust


  • 20+ installations. >3.5m kms of operation

  • Development of Optimiser 3 (multipoint sequential injection of the secondary fuel) 

 Optimiser 3


  • Carbon Trust R&D grant awarded for work at Cranfield University

  • Development of second OEM product for the DAF/PACCAR  MX Euro 5 engine

  • OEM testing by MAN at the Nurnberg Engine Test facility for the G-volution Optimiser control methodology for diesel-CNG and diesel-LPG

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  • Carbon Trust R&D grant award for diesel-ethanol research with a multinational fuel company

  • TSB grant with a Tier 1 supplier for a ground breaking dual-fuel (multi-fuel) after treatment

  • Collaboration with Tier 1 supplier for E5 and E6 dual-fuel after treatment 

  • Completion of G-volution’s HD test cell at The University of Huddersfield Automotive School

  • Two Technology Strategy Board  Low Carbon Vehicle grants for the introduction and live trialling of the G-volution Optimiser CNG dual-fuel System on DAF MX Engine Tractor units with two National Fleet Operators




  • Rushlight Award Winners in two categories:

Powered Transport and Clean Energy Award

  • 50+ further vehicle conversions, pipeline 30+ vehicles
  • >12m kms of commercial testing
  • Prototype after treatment with a Tier 1 supplier
  • Further TSB-sponsored R&D programme
  • New multi-fuelling proof of concepts


 rushlight awards

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