Glossary of Fuels

This section provides information on the acronyms used in this website.



Compressed Natural Gas. Composed mostly of the compound methane. Currently, the majority of methane available is a fossil fuel. However, new production options such as anaerobic digestion of organic waste are providing routes to renewable methane or bio-methane. This is also known as bio-gas. 


Compressed Bio-Gas. Chemically identical to methane this is simply compressed bio-methane / bio-gas.


Liquefied Natural Gas. This is simply methane in its liquid state. LNG is gaining popularity as a transport fuel since the vehicle can store in the same space a larger quantity of methane when it is in its liquid state than when it is stored as a gas.


Liquefied Bio-Gas. This is simply liquefied methane albeit derived from renewable sources. 


Liquefied Petroleum Gas. This is a mixture of liquefied propane and liquefied butane which are gases at room temperature and standard atmospheric pressure. As above, storage as liquid allows a larger quantity of this mixture to be stored within the same space on a vehicle than if the mixture were a gas. New techniques are now providing routes to renewable propane or bio-propane. In the US, gaseous and liquefied propane are available as transport fuels.